Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK v1.8.0 [Unlimited Money/Gems]


Idle lumber empire mod apk is an economic simulation game application where players have their own company of wood manufacturing. In the beginning of the game you will have a small shop of wood manufacturing and you need to work hard during the process of manufacturing wood and making various materials and resources with the help of wood and by selling it to the customers you will get to earn money. The game consists of the various tasks for its players to complete and after completing each task they will be rewarded with some special prizes and resources to expand their company of wood manufacturing.

Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK

World class building and manufacturing gameplay at your hand

this is here with all its new concepts and stylish tools to let you build houses and infrastructures with a range of tools and everything at your hand. Where you know how to make things work with the lumber industry at command. Choose the right item and woods, align with the needed skills and styles, make new and stylish homes, build a whole new world. Where you can expand your territories by purchasing new lands and areas to develop them, make money and explore the best of the money making in your lumber business. It’s all in your way to make things clearly good and fashionable with every equipment and stuff.

Expand business to new heights

as your company of wood manufacturing expands, you can join other workers in your company by providing them a required amount of salary for doing excellent work with their dedication and concentration. Hire experienced workers from different areas to make your company popular among people. By earning a lot of money through your hard work, purchase various new equipment for your company and open new lines. It is a widely popular game app and over millions of people are involved within this stunning game and are enjoying it amazingly.

Showcase and hone your building skills

because of the attractive gameplay of the idle lumbar empire mod apk players easily get addicted to this excellent game and enjoy outstanding and special features offered by this newly updated version of the game. With your smart and talented skills become a popular and intelligent successful business person. Show all your entrepreneur skills and abilities by expanding your wood factory or a company all over the world. This game is for the people who are passionate about being a businessman because it is all about expanding your business of manufacturing wood and delivering the best quality products of wood to your customer’s.

Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK

Explore new territories with amazing skills

idle lumber empire mod apk requires the amazing skills and knowledge about managing the forest from its players. Also, purchase new lands for starting the process of manufacturing wood in a large quantity. Modern equipment of your wood company makes it luxurious and upgrades all the available machines of your company to make them work smoothly and efficiently. Cut wood with finishing and in the best way so that you can make the perfect products. Over hundreds of machines and devices are available in your wood company, so explore it to all the possible regions of your city.

Explore mod version with free skills

getting everything for your business and having all kinds of stuff and accessories will be really helpful in the journey. Now you just need to download this mod version and get everything at your access to build things differently. Get access to endless lumber and trees, avoid crimes by following laws and build a next level world for yourself in this enriching and beautiful forest world. Download the ad-free gameplay curated just for you at a new level of entertainment and fun.

Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK


idle lumber empire mod apk is a game app that includes the process of manufacturing wood and players of the game just need to have some basic knowledge and skills about the business of wood. Idle lumber empire mod apk is a modified version of the idle lumber empire game app and is available on google play store for the players to download or install it on their devices. The game allows its players to enjoy access to premium features for free and offers unlimited money, diamonds, biz points, reputation etc. The game provides an amazing ad – free experience to the players and the goal of the players in the game is to become a wealthy tycoon.

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